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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Success Principles and Practices - A Book of 100 Compelling Virtues by Keith Johnson

Discover the Treasure of Eternal Virtues...

A treasure of eternal virtues lies within you;
Unbox them all right now in this lifetime;
Discover your goodness before you finally bid adieu...

Be generous and use each one;
As each mysterious gem promises to embellish you;
Discover the shine of your own sun...  

Be observant of each gem’s unique colossal gleam;
As each virtue runs effervescently in your blood;
Discover the miracle that makes you meet your dream...

Be blessed for the wonder that you are;
As each gem of virtue reveals the secret of success;
Discover the symphony of life that propels you to be a star...
~Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetry

Be Virtuous ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra Quotes
I am very pleased to share with you what inspired these words to flow out of my heart – “Success: Principles and Practices”, a revelation of 100 quintessential virtues by Keith Johnson in 2016.

[PS: Keith Charles Johnson is a remarkable author who is admired for his excellent published work in the United States and abroad. His genre of writing involves self-motivation, business, language, and technology. Keith is an experienced Buddhist practitioner who believes in the miracle of mantra meditation. His work in the domain of information technology is worth notable as he carries 25 years of hands-on experience with labels of Senior Technical Writer and Software Trainer attached to his accredited acclaims. Here is all the published work by Keith.]

It is a sheer delight to sip in the goodness of “Success: Principles and Practices”. It is not just a book but a brilliant embodiment of mindfulness that promises to make you propel towards your dreams. As you read through the meticulous compilation of 100 charismatic virtues, you are inspired to realise your own impeccable nature.
My most favourite quote from Keith’s reservoir of virtues is:

Wisdom is your secure journey into the world of true and lasting success.”

Keith’s work lucidly portrays 100 empowering ways to discover your own true power of “being human”. “Success: Principles and Practices” is a straight presentation convincing that “with constant practice of the mentioned gems of virtues, it is only YOU who truly holds the absolute potential to:

* Align your own actions with your ambitions,
* Walk on the trajectory of your dreams, and
* Design the desired life that you wish to live

So, what are you waiting for? Discover your shine today with Keith’s “Success: Principles and Practices”. Get your copy right now at Amazon.

So what virtues impact you the most in your life?

I would love to hear from you. :)
Please share your comments below.

Please enlighten others too by sharing the knowledge of this wisdom. :)


* Author of this post reserves rights for the content source being original work of art. Please do not copy without permission. Be mindful to give credit if you refer this blog post or the displayed picture quote elsewhere. ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra

* This post is purely based on the personal experience, feelings and perception of the author, with intent to motivate the readers by focussing on the blessed human virtues as described in the book – “Success: Principles and Practices” by Keith Johnson. This is a sincere endeavour by the author to share the wisdom of Keith’s inspirational work with the world.

* The author holds the ownership of the displayed piece of art. Please do not:
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Monday, January 02, 2017


In every 365 days, Nature publishes a phenomenally unique book;
365 blank pages initially appear to be intriguing in their look...
With a wonderful name known as NEW YEAR;
It promises to be the harbinger of new excitement and cheer...

The paint of its white void explains its idiosyncrasies;
Cocooned in the womb of your decisions lay its enormous mysteries...
And as you begin to ink each page in your vogue of inchmeal;
A revelation of sorts amazes your brain wheel...

You wonder the mystery to be the awe of the unknown;
You wonder if you would still step up in the darkness of that stark zone...
And that’s how you fumble and stumble;
Perhaps you believe – that’s how the cookie crumbles...

Far away from the unfathomable realities;
Nature has invited you on Earth to fulfil your dreams with sincerity...

Keep filling every page of your day as you thrive;
Keep moving in the direction following the divine light;
Remember your outside is the story of your inside...
Though the counter also holds true;
The dark night of the soul can turn you gloomy and blue...

But that’s the most significant phase my friend;
That fiasco of fury can guide your vehemence...
Keep on writing your page of life, it shall never ever go blank;
You may write a piece of junk; 
take it easy, it takes time to build up your rank...

In that odd hour of insane disgrace;
Light up your inside with the lamp of self worth and praise...
In that uneven moment of forbidden grim;
YOU are “the one and only” who embraces your own skin...

So my friend put on your armour of confidence;
Keep writing your New Year book with perseverance...
The page may turn glossy and flip your ink;
Never give up ever amidst your journey; 
for what’s pale today will tomorrow surely turn pink...

Bless the light that’s outside:
it teaches you to play the role of actor;
Step back a little in ebony and view the bigger picture;
Bless the darkness emerging from inside:
it builds your nerve to play the role of director...

So my friend, do it all what takes 
to write your New Year book with a purpose each day;
Laugh, cry, get nervous, get curious, formulate ideas, and pray;
But don’t live with a jerky heart that nibs you to run away...

Think and plan but don’t overdo it;
All those serious times can be seriously transformed with courage and wit...



* Author of this post reserves rights for the content source being original work of art. Be mindful to give credit if you refer this blog post or picture or quote. Please do not copy without permission. ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra

* This poetic work of art is purely based on the author’s feelings and perception. The purpose of this poetry is to inspire the readers to move on with courage and confidence every moment in their lives. It is a gentle reminder for all to keep progressing towards their dreams with faith and integrity every single day in all life situations.

* The author holds the ownership of the displayed piece of art. Please do not:
   * reproduce the image;
   * prepare derivative works based upon the image;
   * distribute copies of the image to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease, or lending; without explicit consent of the author.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Doctor Strange Offers 8 Life Lessons For A Great New Year Start

Another master piece from Marvel Comics, Doctor Strange is a perfect superhero fiction that keeps the potential to deliver the message – “reinforce your powers with faith in self.”

The admirers of the movie would definitely agree that Doctor Strange is not just a depiction of superpowers in motion but a galaxy of lucid emotions, wonderful star cast, award winning visual effects and most significantly the awe-inspiring life lessons that I am highly pleased to share in this post. I am a fan of Marvel Studios but this is the first time ever that reflection of my thoughts has been so prolific ever since I watched this flick!

Doctor Strange - Movie Poster
Credits: comicbook.com/marvel
Grab these marvellous life lessons as I map the real world principles with the brilliant reel work of Scott Derrickson (the director) and Benedict Cumberbatch (the pivotal character as Dr. Stephen Strange).

#1. Do Not Lose Focus Of The Present Moment

A single second of defocused attention in the midst of a demanding action can demand heaps of ugly and undesirable moments of your life. That tiny lapse of time is enough to deactivate your sensory organs making you numb to track anything. It is better to be vigilant of the distracting pop-ups in that moment than to enter a self-disrupting state later!

Reference From Movie: Stephen Meets Accident

Stephen tries to multi-task the act of driving and taking a phone call not realising his soaring velocity. This blunder ends up in a life-threatening accident reducing him to piteous dysfunctional hands.

#2. Honour Your Blessed Talents Before They Are Gone

Money is the real honey in the world of Snobs! Isn’t it! Some blessed experts get entirely blinded by the dazzle of name and fame. They fail to remember that it is just a part of the total reward earned for serving the world. Whenever this besotted trait creeps over you, remind yourself to respect the profoundness of your gifted passion lest the nature seizes it back.

Reference From Movie: Stephen – The Snobbish Neurosurgeon

The unfortunate fatal mishap leads Stephen to realise his physical inability to hold anything. This unbelievably shocks him to the core! He desires to gain his lost prowess at any cost. To relieve his frenzied life, he begins his journey to find a cure to revive the nerve damage in his fingers.

#3. Wisdom Lies In Acknowledging The Existence Of The Unknown

In first place, accept the fact that you do not know everything! Accept that you are ready to relearn! Accept that all what you know does not suffice to achieve your purpose! Accept that you are ready to welcome the truth and enter the realms of the unknown! Once you accept all this, you unlock massive potential to explore the vast possibilities uncovering the solution. It is only when you do not know something, then you begin to learn that.

Reference From Movie: Order From The Master

Guided by the master, Stephen is told, “Forget everything that You Think You Know”! Initially, it gets difficult for his logical mind to agree with the existence of the dimensions beyond our 3-D physical world, but then a sudden encounter with the astral plane aligns him to tame his senses. Once he prepares himself for acknowledging his hunger to know the mystical universal powers, he succeeds in knowing deeper realities.

#4. Real Power Lies In Surrendering

The one who surrenders, rules! This universal truth is known only by those brave souls who challenge to shut the voice of their silly “ego”. Surrendering doesn’t mean giving your power away but exercising it in its true nature. Ironically, too few know about this reality! Surrendering your ego results in the magical practice of aligning your “thoughts, words and actions” effortlessly. This is the real beauty of your real power!

Reference From Movie: Order From The Master

After learning the truth of “surrendering”, Stephen is completely startled by this fact! His perplexity highlights the general standard perception. As he closely observes the powers of his masters, his confusion instantaneously transforms into confidence. He receives the wisdom to empower his mind, body and spirit as he orchestrates his thoughts, words and actions.

#5. Learn To Live Above Your Negatives

From the womb of darkness, light is born; and the absence of light once again reveals the existence of darkness. The experience of “Pleasure” is only possible because of the existence of “Pain”. Experiencing adversity is as much significant as experiencing success! This is the Universal Law of Polarity. When you understand this law and learn to balance, you succeed in working towards your life’s purpose. It is then when neither the “Positive” can impact you with egomania nor the “Negative” can affect you with unworthiness!

Reference From Movie: Wise Words From The Master

Stephen’s endeavour of learning the truth and practicing the right way is mired by one doubt – “How To Wipe Your Negatives?” to which he receives the answer – “You Don’t Wipe Out Your Negatives, You Learn To Live Above Them!” Stephen comprehends this law, wears the armour of courage and becomes a balanced being focussing rightfully on his purpose.

#6. Conquer Time With Consistency

Exact transition of thoughts and words into action is magical. But what makes that magic works forever is the continuity of that action. When you do a certain thing with unending determination, you empower your mind, body and spirit with super power of winning over time. In literal terms, you develop strength to live your dreams and stand out as a winner!

Reference From Movie:  The Awe-Inspiring Climax

Stephen creates a mind blowing timeless trap for destroying the destructive force of the dark dimension. He uses the power of consistency to reverse time with an illusion of appearing each time after being crushed to death by the devil Dormammu. Stephen’s relentless efforts of practicing mind control makes him nullify the event of his demise. Agitated by the infinite loop, Dormammu gives up on his ill intention towards Stephen and hence Stephen succeeds in his mission to save planet Earth.

# 7. No One Has Ever Achieved Victory All Alone

Our world lies within each other. With a fair balance of demand and supply, nature always strikes perfect balance by placing you with the right kind of people in a right atmosphere with right amount of resources. It may never feel right in the beginning, and at times you may even face turbulence! But, as you overcome that “unwanted” phase, you are able to sight the complete picture; an unknown instinct wraps your heart with a strange feeling – a strength never ever felt before! This happens each time you “Evolve”. 

But the ones who make it really possible are your “mentors”, “supporters”, “friends” and even your “enemies”. You believe it or not YOU NEED ALL OF THEM to bring out the BEST in you!

Reference From Movie:  People In Stephen’s Life Who Strengthen Him

Christine (The Lover) – Her love and faith strengthens Stephen emotionally
The Ancient One (The Mentor) – She teaches Stephen the mystic arts to unleash his hidden powers
Mordo and Wong (Supporters/Friends) – They constantly guide and support Stephen in his quest to fulfil his purpose
Kaecilius (The Threat) – He makes Stephen exercise his powers to the fullest (thus strengthening him in disguise)

# 8. Give Attention To Those Little Details

So you are just rightly focussed on your goal, and then out of blue, a gush of wind diverges you from your path! You feel inexplicable and lost! Well, there’s always a cosmic reason... that’s always on purpose! Life situations are not like crystals; they are like ice-bergs that eventually get showed up in their real avatar. 

Whenever you are pulled-down, there’s surely a universal cause that wants you to have the 360 degree perspective. And once you gain the absolute insight, you are well prepared to accomplish a greater goal by fulfilling a purpose at a higher level of existence.

Reference From Movie:  Series Of Instances In Stephen’s Story

When Stephen met that unfortunate casualty, he never ever thought in his wildest dreams that he could become the super power and save planet Earth from other dimensions’ destructive forces. As the series of events started unfolding in Stephen’s life, astonishing revelations began strengthening his identity. Stephen’s keenness to know, study, practice and implement his knowledge into action highlights the significance of “attention to details”. From his most horrifying life’s experience was born his mystical mighty powers.

Life is Like the Game of Treasure Hunt

Which “Doctor Strange” life lesson impacts you the most? 
What life principles do you follow to keep up your high spirit? 
I would love to know your perception too. 
Please share your wisdom in the comments below.

New Year 2017 is waiting to be thrilled by your awesomeness... 
Hope it gets as fantastic as YOU are! 
Cheers... :) 


* Author of this post reserves rights for the content source being original work of art. Be mindful to give credit if you refer this blog post or picture or quote anywhere. Please do not copy without permission. ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra

* This post is purely based on the author’s feelings and perception. The purpose of this article is to motivate the readers to self-introspect and gain the desirable personality traits. This is a gentle reminder for all to learn and spread the knowledge of wisdom learned through the valuable life lessons of Doctor Strange.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

My First Rendezvous With Snowfall

As a raining sensation you always seem to be awe-inspiring and magical! Least did I know, as Ice you’d be ecstatically blissful, caressing my delight with the drops of your frozen pearls! 

Silhouettes in Freezing White...
This small composition is a special expression from my heart that made my senses groove joyfully while my very first intimate tryst with snowfall… :)

Colours of Swing look Surreal in Snow...

The sheen of your softness...
The gleam of your colour...
The tenderness of your appearance…
The dazzle of your glamour…
Ushers me to be lost in the calmness of your wilderness!

Mesmerising Frozen Decor of My Street... 

As water to the thirsty…
Twilight to the lovers…
Music to the ears…
Sunshine to the sunflowers…
You embraced my spirit and stimulated my soul…
You blessed me with an unforgettable memoir…

Snowdrops Transformed My Backyard into a Dreamy Sight... 

You gifted me a dream with your enchanted aura...
You captivated me with your milky effervescence that's radiant beyond all...

Iced Bench Under the Milky Tree Around the Iced Shrubs...
I’ll dearly ever remember our first rendezvous…
I’ll fondly ever cherish the moment that I first felt you, 
‘Oh Dear Snowfall’! :)

Frozen & Fragile Yet Bright & Bold - The Red Berry...
[PS: The pictures displayed in this post were taken on November 9, 2016, in Solna, Stockholm. It was a record breaking snowfall of approximately 40 cm that the capital city of Sweden had ever received in 111 years.]

Crown of the Bin...

Are you also fond of snow? :)
Does your heart also melt for those special memories 
that you created during your first snowfall? 
I would love to know about your experience. :) 
Please share your comments below.


* Author of this post reserves all rights for the content source being original work of art. Be mindful to give credit if you refer this blog post or the displayed pictures anywhere. Please do not copy without permission. ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra

* The author holds the ownership of the displayed piece of art. Please do not:
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Monday, October 31, 2016

Lessons Learned Through My Journey at Toastmasters

It was a usual evening. I was enjoying my power break at work while sipping coffee and gazing the fresh spring blossoms at the street below. 

The sudden silence got interrupted by two co-workers in a jiffy. I observed them carrying few pamphlets, out of which they pinned two over the notice board in the cafeteria. As they left, I went closer out of the obvious curiosity and what I read brought an empowering change in my life!

Communicate & Relate, its Essential!
It was the first time that I had come across Toastmasters International (TI) in April’2014.

[PS: With its presence across the globe, Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organisation founded in 1924 for the purpose of promoting efficient communication and leadership skills. It doesn't matter if you are already a scholar of the wonder skills or still pacing up, TI effectively hones your aptitude.]

There was a time in life when my excitement of organising and hosting events (apart from participating) always used to hit cloud nine. It was back then during the years at my high school till the time I gained the Masters degree. 

Apart from other extra-curricular activities, I always used to be driven by the thought of mingling with people. But weirdly, as I stepped into the corporate environment, this enthusiasm grabbed a backseat and the writer within me came out commanding! Still whenever I stood a chance, I saw that as an opportunity to keep the speaker within me alive.

Hence, motivated by the TI advertisement that day, I decided to join my corporate club. A promising journey of empowering self began since then. My participation went beyond my own club and I enjoyed playing voluntary roles at several TI events in and around my city (Delhi, India).

Flow of time flew me down to the beautiful city of Stockholm in 2015 and the keen interest made me continue my association with TI.

I believe what I have learned till date in my short journey with Toastmasters International, is not merely a set of lessons but dearly valuable principles of communication that I look up to everyday in life.

As I share these lessons with my lovely readers, I consider them to be insightful for those:
  • Who wish to join the Toastmasters International community,
  • Who have just begun their edifying journey, or
  • Who just wish to know more on the subject of “communication”

Let’s raise a toast to Toastmasters,
An organisation, where leaders are made...

Welcome to a Place,
where we love to communicate;
where we enjoy being in a mindful state;

Welcome to an Environment,
where our words are truly treasured;
where our public speaking skills are consistently measured;

Welcome to a Group,
where we are always warmly welcomed;
where we are always inspired and never judged;

Welcome to a Community,
where we emote, express and overcome our fears;
where we are constantly encouraged by our peers;

Welcome to a Society,
where we feel enthusiastic and cheerful;
where we perceive “Communication” to be our best tool;

Proud to be a Toastmaster,
where leaders are made...
Feels fulfilling...
to be empowered, to move forward and accelerate...
~Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetry

[PS: In general, “communication” refers to the act of imparting or exchanging information by speaking, writing, or through any other medium. However, in the information mentioned below, the author has preferred using the term “communication” in place of “verbal communication” (in exception to points #9 and #10), and “Toastmasters” in place of the “Toastmasters International” organisation as a whole, for the sake of simplicity.]

Lesson Learned #1: Words are the Soul of Communication, while Expression is its Body

We might be particular of WHAT we speak, but HOW we speak is the actual game changer! Our language may contain the most suitable adjectives but if we do not organise our words in the framework of appropriate voice and tone; the correct meaning of the message to be conveyed can be easily lost.

At Toastmasters, we track our success story of public speaking by learning the “How” tactics of communication. Thanks to the ever supportive group of people! Just as a desirable packaging adds to the true essence of the product inside; our body language including the eye contact, hand gestures, movement, proximity with the audience, and further so, is important altogether for supporting our communication.

Lesson Learned #2: Speaking is Just the First Half of an Effective Communication; the Other Half is Listening, Understanding and Responding

An effective communication includes a good speaker and a good listener. That’s the way of developing an authentic association between two people. Also, listening should be “good” for the very purpose of gaining perfect understanding of the speaker’s original intent; because it is only then that the listener gains the ability to candidly respond to the speaker.

At Toastmasters, filling the comments section of the feedback form, conforms to the second half of the communication process and lets the speaker know about the listener’s opinion of their speech. Also, the person in evaluator’s role provides a detailed feedback to the speaker. Now isn’t that a great way of practising effective communication instantly!

Lesson Learned #3: Multi-Cultured Environment Make Us Gain the Power of Resilience

Being in a multi-cultured environment can be encouraging as well as accommodating. As we tend to see a broader horizon displaying the beauty of assorted beliefs and opinions, our knowledge-base is widened by the facts about new places and people. The bigger picture allows us to be open-minded and expand our comprehending abilities of people’s experiences.

The indispensable factor counts one major thing and it is to know “what forms the basis of a person’s mind-set”. But since this reality cannot be revealed to all, it is absolutely necessary to commend people for their credibility.

At Toastmasters, we learn the power of being resilient. As a consequence of listening to all sorts of speakers from diverse cultures and backgrounds, we gain the most wonderful interpersonal skill of learning new perspectives of knowing life.

Lesson Learned #4: Step-Up that Confidence

It takes confidence to initiate communication. It takes courage to speak in front of an audience. Not all are experts at it! And even if that gush of confidence is already flowing in our veins; it’s always good to keep up that momentum. It’s always good to consume that positive pill of confidence to illuminate our personalities.

At Toastmasters, as we begin our journey, in the natural course of time, there’s a magic element that tracks our brain cell reservoirs being always filled with the power dose known as “confidence”.

Lesson Learned #5: There’s Nothing Known as “Negative”, It’s All About the Perspective

We may like or dislike people for their opinions and the way they communicate. But in no regard do we hold any right to remark their orientation as “negative” unless and until it gets filthy and personal! We can always let them know about our disagreement but that doesn’t make us own all the “positivity”. Each one has their own identity of relating and representing things; and as humans, we must respect that fact.

At Toastmasters, the role of "evaluators" is essentially great. They analyse the speakers against different performance criteria. They intend to provide a genuinely unbiased response while recommending the alternatives for the part of speech that could have been better. They strictly ignore using negative remarks and focus on truly motivating the speakers. Their gesture of evaluation in all its regard refers to the various aspects of the speech and not to the speaker in person.

Lesson Learned #6: Real World Communication is Almost Similar to Storytelling

Storytelling is an art! So is public speaking as well! Presentation is the key factor in both the cases. A story may be fictitious but a lot can be mapped to the real world communication. Just as a story has a plot – a beginning, body line and an end; in the similar way, an effective communication demands to follow an identical structure of organisation.

 “Toastmasters” is a brilliant platform to nurture our storytelling skills by learning the art of public speaking in real time. The set of exceptionally designed manuals offer a step-by-step comprehensive approach to prepare and excel our speech delivery process. Each speech is actually referred to as a project adhering to certain objectives. Completing a project may seem like overcoming a challenge but it’s all so interesting at the same time!

Lesson Learned #7: Updating Our Vocabulary is Truly Essential

Communication begins with language; and language is made up of grammar, i.e. the basic rules including words, phrases, idioms, metaphors and many others expressions. Ever noticed how wonderful it feels to learn a new word or a medium of expression and implement the same while communicating! The beauty of any language is observed only when we keep updating ourselves with new vocabulary.

At Toastmasters, we emphasize on polishing our English speaking skills. Each time when a meeting begins, we get an opportunity to immerse into the world of words and expressions. With the “word of the day” concept, each one gets to run their mind for using the given word in some or the other way. And the fun part is that all becomes effortless in an environment of wise and cheerful beings!

Lesson Learned #8: Time is Important

Let me repeat that cliché – “Time is important”; but at times we slip off it! An effective communication does involve time management! Speaking isn’t the same as gossiping! It’s far more a serious act, rather a wise act! Said that, it doesn’t rule out the pleasure we experience by chit-chatting with our loved ones in leisure. But the only distinguishing thing between the former and latter is time!

Be it formal or informal, when we have important information to be shared, we have to organise our thoughts, words and emotions in a synchronised manner, for the simple reason of respecting the schedule of others as well.

At Toastmasters, the meetings are so impressively schemed that we learn to adapt to an extremely structured system. The person in time-keeper’s role is in charge of constantly signalling every other role player of their scheduled time slot.

Each and every role of the TI meeting is time bound including the break. Therefore, from start to end, effective communication is facilitated through a pre-determined agenda and well-monitored time.

Lesson Learned #9: Delight of Double Dose of Communication - Verbal and Written

Communication is probably the best trait gifted to humans. We are the only living species that is blessed with the power to speak as well as write. Communication makes it possible for us to share our knowledge that is resting in our senses.

Some choose the verbal way while some enter the world of writing. But fortunately, here at Toastmasters, we tend to gain both the opportunities – we jot down our emotions, prepare an organised written speech, rehearse it, and then speak out the same, live in front of our audience. Isn’t it a matter of delight to unleash our emotions several times!

Lesson Learned #10: Unity Makes Us the Best Communicators

 “COMMUNITY”... Did you observe anything?

Communication has a lot to do with unity. When we are united, we interact better. When we are united, we communicate better. And a constant practice of doing so makes us simply the best communicators!

“I am a good speaker, because you are a good listener! Your honest response and feedback instils a sense of courage and capability in me; and I am further encouraged to pose my authenticity in front of you.”

Do you also feel the same vibes of coherence?

No matter where we are, I truly believe it is the unity among individuals which brings out the best in each one of us. Beyond the barriers of age, gender and culture; it is the unity that propels the feeling of belonging which further unites people in the relation of togetherness. And it is this power that enables each one of us showcase our words and communicate to the world.

At Toastmasters, we are one beautiful community of like-minded people who come together for the purpose of supporting each other in becoming the best speakers. The several strategically designed roles make us nourish our speaking instinct. Even if we flaw, we are not judged but encouraged to improve and move forward.

With my last point, I refer this all to be a part of a non-exhaustive journal of learning through the massively empowering community of Toastmasters International. There seem to be many more countless benefits of being a part of this wonderful public speaking organisation.

The best part about the Toastmasters meetings is that you can attend one at your near-by club as a guest, all free of cost! You do not necessarily become a member for enjoying the pleasure of being a good listener. Also, as a guest, you can even have your share of 2-minute fame by showcasing your speaking skills during the Table-Topics session.

At last, I would like to burst the myth of people who believe that joining “Toastmasters International” is a desultory affair of idle folks or those who possess ample of time!

So please hear me out loud – “There’s nobody known as “idle” in today’s busy world! No matter if someone is a working professional or a homely person; joining TI undoubtedly contributes in expanding one’s perspective towards life.

Toastmasters makes one embark on an ever-lasting journey of effective communication, where they constantly progress, not only by accomplishing their own goals but also by supporting and caring for the fellow members.

Does my journey relate to you as well? 
What is your definition of a good communicator? 
I would love to know about your experience and perception. 
Please share your comments below. :)


* Author of this post reserves rights for the content source being an original concept. Be mindful to give credit if you refer this blog post or picture or quote anywhere. Please do not copy without permission. ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra

* This post is purely based on the author’s personal experience, knowledge and perception. The purpose of this article is to inspire the readers to improve their communication skills. This is a sincere effort by the author to present the valuable attributes gained in the learning process at Toastmasters. It does not claim to instruct on behalf of the organisation of Toastmasters International, or alter readers’ set of beliefs.

* The author holds the ownership of the displayed piece of art. Please do not:
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